Dodgy reporting…..


“A 40-YEAR-OLD man from Lions River, John Laurence Strydom, appeared in the Howick Magistrate’s Court yesterday on charges of cultivating dagga.
Strydom, from Freelands Farm, was arrested on Wednesday after members of the Organised Crime Unit in Pietermaritzburg received a tip-off and staked out the property.
They subsequently conducted a raid, during which a large quantity of dagga was allegedly seized.
A source said police had discovered dagga plants growing in a laboratory environment in the farmhouse, as well as dried dagga in boxes, and dag
ga stems hanging from the ceiling in an air conditioned room.
“The dried dagga was packed and ready to go,” the source said.
The house was allegedly set up with fans for drying dagga and lights for growing it.
The dagga and hashish (compressed dagga) that was seized was estimated to be worth around R663 000.
Strydom was remanded in custody until next Thursday for a formal bail application.
Police are continuing with their investigations in the case. ”
– Story by Ingrid Olerman in the Natal Witness, 14 November 2014[_id]=128743

I suppose the content is only as good as the source so perhaps calling this dodgy reporting is a misnomer. Dodgy regurgitation of bad information is perhaps a better title.

The following points bear mentioning:

  • My name is Lawrence, not Laurence.
  • They didn’t confiscate hash, they confiscated THC oil which is what I have been manufacturing. The oil was shared freely with ailing people and I have many witnesses who can attest to this.
  • Calling a grow room a laboratory is a lame attempt by law enforcement at using narrative framing to aggrandize themselves in the eyes of the ignorant public, thereby justifying the waste of resources dedicated to persecuting soft targets instead of real criminals.
  • The value……oh my the value…  I offered the investigating agent a job in my marketing department when she told me what she estimated the worth of my plants.

While this is undoubtedly a small story about a small grow, the ignorant and propagandistic manner in which it is reported is what should concern any free thinking individual. Multiply this ignorance by 10 000 and it becomes clear why the general public remains blissfully unaware of the truth about dagga.


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