Ignorance and narrative framing

Yet another example of the extreme ignorance among South African law enforcement and press when it comes to dagga asowettannd specifically, indoor dagga.

Phrases such as: “Curtains in the “plantation” rooms were covered with black vinyl material to prevent the sun from striking the plants.”, ” investigating a case of dealing and manufacturing drugs.” and ” a kilogram of this particular dagga was estimated at R90000.” attempts to both vilify and mystify indoor grow ops in the minds of the public while aggrandizing the police for ruining lives and businesses.

Growing dagga is not rocket science – most people can produce a fair to decent crop  with minimal equipment and information freely available on the internet. In a post-prohibition economy, the average household could be producing a Kg of valuable, high quality dagga every 3 months in a spare room with minimum overhead. Instead, prohibition aids the imposition of economical wage slavery on the people who labor long hours for minimum reward just to meet the basic cost of living.  This is a clear violation of the human rights to dignity and an acceptable standard of living as defined by the UN Charter of Human Rights.



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