Prohibition is murder – attempted murder in this case

Darryn Thomas · Owner/Artist at Purple Pumpkin Tattoo’s South Africa:

“Been done in by the police twice this year….arrested my wife with cancer for growing her own meds…they took the plants away in pots not pulled out and no weight given on charge sheet…did the same thing in my case…then a police officer took pictures of themselves with the plants and shared evidence on a pulic social media site…i.e facebook..the lawmans name is Ryno Te brugge, its on his personal profile page, joking about my wifes medicine that she desperately needs for her 5th bout of cancer
It is illegal to share evidence in an on going case especially for the fact he shared it publicly …our hand writing is on the pots, it became so bad that emergency medical personnel were called to Humewood Police station..P.E for help in aiding my wife through awful epileptic fits in the cells, unwatched or monitored ….all the time making fun of her condition and medicinal choices for fighting for her life, we have an 11 year old daughter, no baby sitter so she was with me witnessing emt’s to go see her mom..with me and my lawyer and the public prosecutor stopping them from sending her to Livingston hospital, for the EMT’S were not happy with the condition she and her health was in…all the while some prick of a police officer,Ryno Te Brugge is making fun of this PUBLICLY ON HIS FB PAGE that is open for all to see…”


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