The shifting zeitgeist is evident as communities rally around their local dagga farmers and reporters file accurate reports.

The Natal Witness today made amends, in my mind at least, for the inaccurate reporting surrounding my arrest. In their defense, they simply reported what was on the charge sheet and the old computing adage of ‘garbage in garbage out’ no doubt applies.

Article in the Natal witness, 17 December 2014

Article in the Natal witness, 17 December 2014

Chelsea Pieterse’s article on page 3 of today’s Witness is a refreshing change from the usual biased and ignorant reporting which is the norm when it comes to Dagga news. She actually took time out to speak to people and to accurately assess the prevailing attitudes toward Dagga and the people who cultivate and use it.

The reader is left with a sense of the community’s dissatisfaction at the injustice of persecuting people for a plant which is not only harmless, but offers a plethora of human and planetary health benefits. The implication is clear. Prohibition is the crime and those who enforce it are complicit in that crime.


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