Sign o’ the times. Stay ordered in KZN Dagga prosecution.

victoryYesterday morning, 19 December 2014, the…uhm…. HIGH court in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, ordered the Pinetown Magistrates court to stay prosecution of Grant Rosewarne for cultivation and possession of almost 12Kg of high quality Dagga in order to approach the Constitutional Court to have Dagga prohibition declared in violation of the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of South Africa and therefore to be unconstitutional. Grant’s motion was heard unopposed.

The amount of similar stays awarded throughout South Africa has now reached double digits and there are about 30 more cases pending with Jeremy Acton of Iqela Lentsango, the Dagga Party of South Africa and SA Dagga celebrities, the Dagga Couple, advising and assisting people who are persecuted under South Africa’s draconian prohibition laws. This is the first stay to be awarded in KZN though and by way of precedent, paves the way for anybody else who is being harassed by the wrong arm of the law to follow the same procedure.

Sow your seeds boys and girls. Times are a changing and we are overgrowing the government.


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