Dagga and sovereignty. Beyond the high and the healing.

Universal law, which is the foundation of all common (sense) law and customary law, states; “You are free to express yourself in any way you wish provided you don’t inhibit another’s ability to do the same”. Or even more simply; “Do what you want but do no harm to others.”

freedom_weedThis is echoed in the concept of free will which we find in the monotheistic religions, Islam, Christianity and Judaism, as well as in Hinduism, African traditions, and even in Buddhist texts (I think……Budhism in my mind is analogous to particle /wave duality in quantum physics, only more difficult to grasp) By the same token, responsibility for actions taken under free will is universally emphasised. What this seems to indicate is that, across cultures, there exists innate awareness and acceptance that the natural state of human being is absolute freedom along with absolute responsibility.  Viewed from this context, I propose that the right of an adult to use Dagga in any way he/she wishes, whether recreational, spiritual, medicinal or economically, is a fundamental, inalienable right under Universal law.

By what decree does government then claim the right to inhibit the freedom of sovereign humans to experience the Universe in any way they wish? In the words of Proudhorn: “Whoever lays his hand on me to govern me is a usurper and a tyrant“.

The morass of petty bylaws, acts and statutes which we are forced to negotiate every day is despotic enough in its own right but when this governance extends to the violent enforcement of legislation prohibiting the people access to a plant which, not only is capable of healing a myriad of ills and diseases, but also offers the potential to establish a truly sustainable, egalitarian economy whilst having no harmful side effects, the true extent of the tyranny becomes apparent.

The struggle for Dagga freedom therefore abstractly epitomises the struggle for fundamental human freedom from hierarchical, violently enforced, self serving autocracy everywhere on this planet.

Every time you plant a seed, light a splif, use THC oil to treat a disease or make use of hemp fibre, you deliver a blow to the oligarchy and the oppression of human freedom.


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