Dagga prohibition and mind control. The full extent of the crime against humanity.

mindcontrolMy refrigerator, right now, contains a syringe holding 20ml of Cannabis oil extracted from organically grown, high quality Cannabis Indica plants using medical grade isopropyl alcohol, tested by a scientist at a major South African University and confirmed to have a broad spectrum cannabiniod and terpine profile. Oil like this is currently used to treat more than 700 diseases. Among that list of ailments we find depression.

Cannabinoids have been shown to promote hippocampus neurogenesis and produce anxiolytic- and antidepressant-like effects by the Neuropsychiatry Research Unit of the University of Saskatchewan. It has been shown to reduce the negative impact of stress on short-term memory and long-term potentiation by researchers at the University of Haifa. The same researchers found  cannabinoid treatment effective in reversing impairments from stress-related depression. These are but a few of many studies showing cannabis to be an effective treatment for depression.

ssriIn my spare bedroom, right now, lies my 67 year old clinically depressed mother. She spent the last week withdrawing and detoxing from a chemical cocktail of anti-anxiety and anti-depressants prescribed by a legal drug dealer who acts as a representative for an international legal drug cartel. Mind bogglingly (or maybe not), according to the pamphlet included in the glitzy packaging, the side effects of the toxic sludge which she willingly and trustingly ingested over several months include the very symptoms they were supposed to treat!  Yes, depression, along with anxiety, nausea, and insomnia are all side effects of anti-depressants – go figure.

The most confounding conundrum here is not the apparent paradox related to anti-depressants though, but the extent to which my mother is being mind controlled by the international drug cartels, their minions who run the protection racket known as government and their propaganda machine known as the mainstream media.

Despite watching numerous documentaries packed with both anecdotal and scientific evidence showing cannabis to be a safe and effective treatment for her condition, she is unwilling to use the medicine, believing that, should she do so, she will contract “reefer madness” at best and die at worst.

This absolute belief is the result of a lifetime of conditioning and the tenacious manner in which that conditioning prevails against all logic and reason, bears testament to the efficacy of this form of mind control.  Yes mind control. If, a person is incapable of discerning between what is good for them and not and if that lack of discernment is the result of an orchestrated effort by a third party intending to mislead and if logic fails to sway that person towards a reasonable choice, then it can be said that such a person’s  mind is being controlled by an outside entity.

mental prisonThere are two ways to imprison people The first is to deprive them of physical freedom by locking them in cells. The second, and more sinister way, is to use their own  minds to imprison them.  Mind prison captives are largely unaware of their imprisonment, police themselves, work for their own keep and maintain their own prison buildings, all of which amounts to quite an attractive option for those whose interests are threatened by a free and sovereign population.

While the violent enforcement of laws which deny the people access to the miracle plant is physically evident, the mental captive state of the population is imperative for prohibition to succeed and the oligarchy, which has a tremendous vested interest in it’s success  are well aware of this and have invested tremendous energy in maintaining the barrage of mind prison construct.
Herein lies an even bigger and more damaging crime against humanity than the physical denial of Dagga, namely the large scale brainwashing, manipulation and mental imprisonment of the people of this planet to  the extent where healing is refused out of fear. What crueller torture can be devised than to deny someone the very essence required for their healing by manipulating their belief system? It is analogous to brainwashing a starving man into believing that eating a meal will lead to his demise.

The struggle for Dagga freedom is therefore much more than a struggle to change some archaic laws. It is a struggle to emancipate the people of this planet from mental slavery (Thanks Bob), its associated captivity and torture, and to accept the infinite potential we hold as a part of the intricate network of life which permeates the universe.


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