Two Plants. One causes psychosis, the other cures cancer. Guess which one is legal.

Cannabis Sativa and Datura Stramonium

Cannabis Sativa and Datura Stramonium growing side by side in the wild. KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

One of the most often heard arguments in favour of prohibition is that it might induce schizophrenia in people who are genetically predisposed to this condition. The prohibitionist will off course conveniently ignore the fact that alcohol holds the same potential and yet remains completely legal.

Today, during a visit to a self seeding field of cannabis in rural KZN, I came across yet another example of the absurdity of using this particular argument in justification of prohibition. Datura Stramonium is colloquially known here in South Africa as “malpitte” (seeds of madness) and for good reason. Datura Psychosis is a well documented phenomenon, often leading to lasting psychological disorders. Very few psychonauts dare to venture into this territory. In the words of one explorer describing his experience:

The hallucinogenic effect of (malpitte) is unquestionable, and you can’t get more mind-altering than this. Not even a thousand microgram LSD trip made me lose my head like malpitte. But the side effects made this the most profoundly horrible experience of my life. Cheap LSD substitute this is NOT !!! You need this stuff like you need a brick in the face.”

Datura is prolific and grows almost everywhere in this country, is known to cause psychosis as well as immense physical harm to the human body and yet no one has even thought about making it illegal. Surely if the powers that be had our best interest at heart they would protect us from this demon plant as they profess to do by prohibiting Dagga? But then again, Datura poses no threat to the corporate establishment’s bottom line does it? Hypocrisy anyone?


One thought on “Two Plants. One causes psychosis, the other cures cancer. Guess which one is legal.

  1. Thanks for the interesting info here. I have this stuff growing wild in my garden too. It makes me wonder, the way nature works, e.g. snake venom being as useful as it is whether this stuff also has some form of application that we just haven’t discovered yet. We must pose this question to the Pharmacologists, like Joey…

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