freedom_weedLet it be said from the outset that government is tyranny. Our sovereignty has been usurped by an institution with a monopoly on violence, our freedoms dished back out to us piecemeal as benefit privileges masquerading as rights in glitzy packaging of official looking government gazetted acts and statutes. To petition government is to acknowledge the authority of the usurper, to consent to unlawfully enforced authority and to be complicit in your own enslavement.

Notwithstanding the above, I have stated before that I value and respect ALL efforts to defeat prohibition and as such I read with great interest Advocate Robin Stransham-Ford’s memo to the the president on behalf of the Cannabis Constituency. I do not consider myself to be a part of any constituency and as such am not offended by this unilateral declaration of representation as some might be.

I agree with many of the points made regarding the positive socio economic
impact of ending prohibition. My own point of view is that Cannabis holds the potential to catalyse a peaceful social revolution. The industrial capitalist hierarchy depends on the continued subjugation and impoverishment of the working class to fuel it’s growth with cheap labour. In the absence of prohibition, the poor can literally grow wealth in their backyards and will for the first time since the imposition of the feudal system truly be able to choose how to apply energy. very few will choose to continue selling their labour to the slave system in exchange for crumbs, thus driving up labour prices which will cut into profits and render many exploitative and destructive enterprises non-viable.

I feel that the memo fails to sufficiently address the issue of religious and adult use by not pushing for inclusion in the MIB but delegating it instead to the domain of the judiciary for decision making and merely imploring the government to abide by the court’s decisions. I fully overstand that the courts are Adv Stransham-Ford’s battlefield of choice though and perhaps it is better to fight this particular battle on known terrain.

The issue of non psychotropic production is a contentious one at best and a complete fallacy at cbdworst. There is no such thing as a CBD only strain. The highest CBD to THC content in any strain commercially available is 1:1 which means that you can not cultivate a non-psychotropic crop and still harvest CBD. If you want CBD, make peace with THC being present in the plant.

In my opinion, attempting to isolate components within cannabis is a waste of time and energy conducive to endless red tape which only benefits the bureaucracy whilst depriving the people of their inalienable right to individual sovereignty as is evident in the endless debates, draft bills, counter bills, proposals and politicking we are seeing at the moment.

I call again for a green revolution driven by massive civil disobedience. Just grow it. Spread the genetics and the knowledge to make oil. Permeate the population with dagga medicine originating from the people, not corporations. Reclaim our heritage, grow wealth, gain liberty, build community, heal bodies, empower people.  We don’t need to ask government to allow us to do this. They never had the right to prevent us in the first place. Prohibition is but one of many crimes perpetrated against the people on behalf of the oligarchy by the sycophants and prostitutes in government. Why do we beg like dogs for scraps at the table of the usurpers who violently withhold our birthright from us? Just take it back.


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