Victory! Prosecution withdrew all charges.

I made a specialawl visitation to Howick Magistrates court today expecting yet another postponement but was informed instead by a sultry looking Magistrate that all charges against me were withdrawn by the prosecution. Whoop Whoop.

I noticed the investigating officer leaving the building as I arrived but she wouldn’t even look my way. I guess it sucks to hear your work was all for nothing. Shame. Poor polisievrou Amanda Hokkiestok Koekemoer now is facing a 14 million GBP lien without even the satisfaction of knowing she got to lock me up for growing “die duiwel se plante” (devils’ plants).
Madamme prosecutor Chetty didn’t look too happy but such it is the nature of the hierarchy which she serves that orders from her superior (The National Director of Public Prosecutions) has to be obeyed.  I am busy working on your lien ms Chetty, expect service next week.

Withdrawing charges is a lame attempt by the state to stop me from getting a stay ordered by the high court as it will add to the precedents already set and strengthen the cases of victims of persecution under prohibition law who come after me, therefore I will still go to High Court on Monday and request the judge to grant the order.

The game is up boys and girls. Grow, make muthi, smoke our sacred plant. The minions of evil are losing. The cracks in the dam are growing wider every day and it won’t be long now before the system is washed away in a deluge of green.

One Love


8 thoughts on “Victory! Prosecution withdrew all charges.

  1. CLAP CLAP CLAP!!! Well done!!
    The sooner South African government realizes that its been around for a 1000 years and is here to stay the better.

    Oh and stop poisoning people with Monsanto poisons!!

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