Judge’s fancy footwork leaves me in legal limbo

20150202_124933Another special visitation today, this time to the High Court in Pietermaritzburg to obtain an order to stay prosecution in the Magistrates court. Now the magistrates court has dropped charges against me but I wanted to get the order as well as it strengthens the overall case against prohibition but the presiding judge had other ideas.

His surprise at seeing me respond when my name got called was quite evident and it was clear that they didn’t expect me to show up and then to strike my case from the roll as he stood the case down to the end of the roll and I had to wait through the usual bankster vs people cases before being called again.

From the outset it was clear that he wasn’t going to grant the order and every trick in the book was employed to substantiate it. First he alleged that all the precedents were granted in other districts, this was easily rebutted as an order to stay was granted in Grant Rosewarne’s case by the KZN high court last November.

Next move was to request copies of all the documents with respondent stamps to prove that all respondents were served. These were duly supplied and my insistence that the order should be granted based on precedent and equal rights left him no option but to reveal his true intentions by stating that he is not obliged to grant the order but that he won’t deny it either, effectively leaving me with no recourse as I won’t be able to appeal since there has not been a judgement.

It is clear that, despite ample precedent being present, the judge did not want to make a ruling without consulting with the Director of Public Prosecutions and used the legal foxtrot to bar me from getting closure in my process as part of my right to a fair defence.

Pete and the twins supporting people power!

Pete and the twins supporting people power!

On the upside, it was a colourful crew who showed up in support which made for a welcomechange from the black and white checkerboard dress code which the acolytes of the cult of law adhere to. Thanks for being there guys & girls and a special thanks to the twins who must have been the first and only children ever to spread some gorgeous sunshine in those dark caverns.
If anybody out there still suffers under the misconception that the justice system is impartial and serves the people, this flagrant disregard for process and precedent in order to preserve an unlawful status quo should be enough to sway you.

Onward and upward. Overgrow the system!


3 thoughts on “Judge’s fancy footwork leaves me in legal limbo

  1. Man that actually sucks. I still can’t actually get around how difficult the CC is to approach. It defends our rights, but how can we defend ourselves if we don’t have any direct access. Just reverberates that our courts aren’t working for us, but solely for the Government. Eventually they are going to run out of excuses.

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