Open letter to Dr Albu van Eeden – CEO, Drs for life

Drunk Surgeon

According to Dr van Eeden, surgeons can’t be trusted not to indulge in psychoactive substances before operating on you.

CC’ed to Dr van Eeden, Doctors for life, CCTV Africa, The SA medical council.

Dear Dr van Eeden

I was about to depart from home to go and collect my family from the airport when your interview on CCTV Africa was brought to my attention. I am now deeply concerned for the safety of my family as, according to you, pilots are irresponsible, compulsive and reckless hedonists who will happily indulge in the consumption of mind altering substances before taking the lives of a plane full of passengers in their hands.

Furthermore, I am cancelling the scheduled medical procedure I was supposed to undergo next week as it seems that Dr’s are equally irresponsible in your learned opinion.

In Dr van Eedens opinion, pilots will freely indulge in psychoactive substances before flying.

In Dr van Eedens opinion, pilots will freely indulge in psychoactive substances before flying.

This is a particularly scary thought when one takes into regard the smorgasbord of delectable mind altering pharmaceuticals which the average Dr has virtually unrestricted access to and the situation is exacerbated by the free access which both Dr’s and pilots have to alcohol!

I think your organisation should move to have alcohol and all scheduled medicine made illegal as we clearly live in a society where adults can not be trusted to act in a responsible manner and even those whose occupations require them to be particularly obliged, according to you, are not trustworthy.

Ordinarily I would not bother to point out that I am being sarcastic but, taking into account the seriously flawed logic and condescending nature of your public statement, I will err on the side of caution. Yes I am being sarcastic.

The fact that some one can undergo 12 years of schooling, and a further 7 years of university education and still propagate this kind of illogical drivel points to a serious flaw in the educational system.  There is of course also the possibility that we are witnessing the Freudian Ego Defence Mechanism of Projection in action. You are after all a Dr with access to a variety of scheduled medication and by your own admission, Dr’s are prone to indulging…….

Please answer this question Dr van Eeden; What is stopping surgeons and pilots from performing their duties under the influence of alcohol or any of the other psychoactive substances which are freely available and how would they react any different if Cannabis is re-legalised?

As for your proposal to isolate and synthesise the cannabinoids, I am appalled that some one who professes to be enough of an expert to attend this round table and be interviewed for television on the subject, clearly has insufficient knowledge to do so. If you had even a rudimentary understanding of the endocannabinoid system and cannabinoids you would know that synthetic  cannabinoids are not only ineffective, but downright dangerous and even deadly.
Last February, the CDC issued an alert warning about kidney damage associated with the use of synthetic THC. It has also been linked to psychosis and brain damage. Synthetic THC might seem like a good idea to some one as invested in the (legal) drug trade as yourself but it is a bad idea if human health is your concern.

I suggest that in future you refrain from participating in the Cannabis debate as you clearly have no understanding of the complexities involved. Alternatively, start educating yourself as to the many benefits to both human and planetary health which this plant offers. I will be more than happy to assist you with this process if you so wish.

Without ill will or vexation but with a smattering of frivolity

Lawrence Qholloi

This video interview refers:


4 thoughts on “Open letter to Dr Albu van Eeden – CEO, Drs for life

  1. Hey I don’t mind if he/she had a sativa blunt to steady the hand nd clear the mind just don’t come at me me with a scalpal if you got a hangover or doped up on “legal” heroin(morphine). Oh and doctors have been using drugs for along time before we started to fight for our rights SO Mr ceo your argument is Irrelevant

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  2. Thanks for this great letter to the esteemed doctor. The drivel being spewed by some of these prohibitionist “experts” is really entering into the realms of fantasy. If it wasn’t such an important issue affecting so many, I would juts have to laugh.


  3. I feel that cannabis used in an controlled environment for the use of medical well being, would have as much effect as amtibiotics, sleepimg tablets, mind altering medication for psychological use, would be as habit forming if taken on a long term used as chronic medication. Natural medication at least does not contain allopathic additives, ie chemicals which could cause side effects in major proportions. I deem fit for use of cannabis under strictly controlled supervision by both alternate medical board, and medical board.


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