“The legislated prohibition of a plant, the ethnobotanical use of which has been ingrained in the culture of a people for thousands of years, along with the violent enforcement of such legislation, equates to ethno-political oppression. It therefore logically follows that to cultivate and use such a plant is an act of political defiance.”
– Lawrence Qholloi (Scratched on the wall of cell number 3, Howick Police station)

On the 12’th of November 2014 a gang of armed agents of THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA corporation who go by the name of “The Hawks”, forced their way through my kitchen door and into my life, changing it forever.

I decided to leverage the publicity surrounding my arrest to raise awareness of the fight for dagga freedom in South Africa, to educate about the plethora of human and planetary health benefits which the Cannabis plant holds, and to highlight the plight of all the people of this land who have been, and still are, suffering persecution under an unlawful law.

I will be using this blog as a public record of the events as they transpire, including details of defense tactics and, ultimately, the lawful methods which I will employ to hold the humans behind their corporate, statutory firewall of impunity accountable for their actions.

In the words of Dr Mario Ambrosini, MP for Inkatha Freedom Party; “The ongoing prohibition of Cannabis is a crime against humanity”.  I feel compelled to add that every police officer, prosecutor and judge who enforces prohibition is complicit in that crime.




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