Notice of first and final warning

The first step in the lien process is to serve the tortfeaser  with a notice of first and final warning.
This notice and invoice were served on the investigating officer on Friday 16 January:

16 January 2015

Notice of First And Final Warning

Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent; Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal

The Commercial Lien Process

A Common Law Commercial Lien is a process that any Human Being can employ in order to obtain lawful remedy from the actions of another Human Being(s) who have – or have attempted to – or have conspired to – damage said Human in some way. Such wrongs are known as “torts”, and are the subject of Tort Law. This includes ‘harassment’, such as ‘threats with menaces’, which is considered to be ‘psychological damage’, and also ‘defamation of character’, which is also considered to ‘damage a reputation’. The reason for this is very simple: Since all are equal under the LAW, then each Human Being has a Duty of Care to each other Human Being, such as to make sure that – whatever action we take towards each other – we have the Common Law behind those actions, and thus can live together in peace. Abrogating said Duty of Care is a CRIMINAL ACT, and constitutes a tort.

I believe that you have created a tort, or torts, against My Human Self.

The Commercial Lien process is a construct of the Common Law (The Law-of-the-Land), and South Africa is a Common Law jurisdiction (being, as it is, on Land). Thus any Human Being residing in this country is subject to the Common Law above all else. And that includes the individual(s), to whom this Notice is addressed.

The process comprises:

  1. The subject of the harassment (myself in this case), will write a Statement of Truth (Affidavit), under penalty of perjury. This being the case, what I will write will be “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”, and will thus be based on first-hand knowledge.

  2. You will be sent a copy of this Affidavit, comprising my allegations. You will have to REBUT EACH POINT in order to ward off the possibility of a Lien. You will be given 30 (thirty) days to do so, but I can assure you that you will not be able to rebut EVEN ONE SINGLE POINT. You will need to rebut by means of a sworn Affidavit of your own, written under the same criteria, namely: From first-hand knowledge, and under penalty of perjury.

  3. Any points you manage to rebut will be removed from my allegations, and the remainder kept as my final Affidavit. The result will be Notarised (by a Notary Public) to become My Statement of Truth, which will not only become THE TRUTH, IN LAW – but will also become A JUDGMENT, IN LAW.

  4. That being the case, no Hearing will be required. Because the judgement has already been made by the truth. (That’s Common Law!)

  5. I will then place a Public Advertisement, warning whomsoever may be concerned, that your creditworthiness is henceforth highly suspect. I will inform Credit Reference Agencies to this effect. I would then be LAWFULLY ENTITLED TO SIEZE ANY OF YOUR PROPERTY, up to (and including) the value of the Lien.

  6. This process will occur in a LAWFUL manner – because you are given the chance to REBUT IN SUBSTANCE – and I will thus retain entirely ‘clean hands’ (unlike yourselves, which is why your mechanism is UNLAWFUL, and why I am able to counter it by this LAWFUL means).

  7. As footnotes, I should add that

    1. Even if I make an honest mistake, WHICH YOU FAILED TO REBUT, my mistake BECOMES THE TRUTH, IN LAW. You will not be able to claim ‘libel’, ‘slander’, etc, because you were given thirty days to rebut the allegations, before public announcement.

    2. By a failure to REBUT IN SUBSTANCE you would have tacitly acquiesced to my Statements as Truths, in Law.

    3. REBUT IN SUBSTANCE does not comprise simply dismissing my allegations. That is mere gainsaying. “IN SUBSTANCE” means “accompanying with HARD proofs” (in this case, “to the contrary”).

  8. As a part of the Lien, I will demand a substantial sum in recompense/settlement of the damages as well as payment of the attached invoice based on my fee schedule submitted to the President of THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA.

  1. In addition to the lien, I will bring civil charges against you in the court using the affadavit as a basis for the suit.

  1. I addition to the lien and civil suit, I will submit a writ of plaint to the Unified Common Law Grand Jury of South Africa (UZA).

  1. Being Common Law construct, the only way this Lien can be removed is:

    1. By Full Payment … in which case I will remove it

    1. The passage of 99 years

    1. The verdict of a Jury of 12, deciding that the Lien should not have been imposed. But this will require YOU to take ME to a Court de Jure (Common Law Court) … whereupon I will be able to explain (to said Jury) exactly how you took actions which comprised the tort(s) against me WITHOUT ANY LAWFUL EXCUSE WHATSOEVER. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, ASSUME THAT ANY JUDGE CAN REMOVE A LIEN. A JUDGE CONNOT DO THAT, AND JUDGES KNOW THAT (because it is a Common Law, NOT A STATUTORY, process)

This was your last and final warning. If you do not, within 7 days of the serving of this notice furnish me with a written apology for your unlawfull actions towards myself, said actions being;

  • The forcefull invasion of my home by a gang of armed agents of which you were the leader and/or organiser,

  • the theft of my propperty (plants, dried plant matter, medicinal oil, lights and fans) by the same gang of armed agents,

  • the kidnapping and detention of my self,

  • your abuse of power and punitive punishment of my self manifested as your unilatteral decision to detain me overnight and oppose my release on bail the next day which resulted in a further 5 days of incarceration of myself, despite your commanding officer’s sugestion that I be released the same day, because you believed that I was; “too arrogant” (your words),

  • and the threats made against my life partner and children (endeavouring to have her fired from work and my children taken away),

I shall initiate the commercial lien process as well as a civil suit against you and submit a writ of plaint with UZA.

That being the case, I suggest that you take full Notice of this Notice.

Sincerely, without ill-will, frivolity or vexation,

Lawrence: of the Strydom family, as commonly called, Sovereign, and subject SOLEY to The Common Law.

Without any admission of any liability whatsoever, and with all Natural Indefeasible Rights reserved.


INVOICE no 01/15 Date: 16 January 2015

To: ##################



Unit Price

Sub Total

Hourly rate for being questioned or interrogated without my express written and notarized consent.

6 hrs


27600 GBP

Hourly rate for being handcuffed, transported, incarcerated or subjected to any adjudication process without my express written and notarized consent.


100 000 GBP

14400000 GBP


14427600 GBP

Fees are calculated according to section 262 and sections 263 of my NOTICE OF UNDERSTANDING, INTENT AND CLAIM OF RIGHT dated 10 December 2013, submitted and standing unopposed to the president of THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA via registered SAPO mail RD 107 453 533 ZA.

Please note that payment in fiat currency is not acceptable.

Please make payment in crypto currency to the equivalent of 14427600 British Pounds to:
Bitcoin Wallet 1B2wAuU6dSyn2UKjCzDS2adrHsrp8HLLM9

or alternatively gold or silver bullion to the value of 14427600 Brittish Pounds delivered to an arranged address will be acceptable.


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