Open letter to Dr Albu van Eeden – CEO, Drs for life

Drunk Surgeon

According to Dr van Eeden, surgeons can’t be trusted not to indulge in psychoactive substances before operating on you.

CC’ed to Dr van Eeden, Doctors for life, CCTV Africa, The SA medical council.

Dear Dr van Eeden

I was about to depart from home to go and collect my family from the airport when your interview on CCTV Africa was brought to my attention. I am now deeply concerned for the safety of my family as, according to you, pilots are irresponsible, compulsive and reckless hedonists who will happily indulge in the consumption of mind altering substances before taking the lives of a plane full of passengers in their hands.

Furthermore, I am cancelling the scheduled medical procedure I was supposed to undergo next week as it seems that Dr’s are equally irresponsible in your learned opinion.

In Dr van Eedens opinion, pilots will freely indulge in psychoactive substances before flying.

In Dr van Eedens opinion, pilots will freely indulge in psychoactive substances before flying.

This is a particularly scary thought when one takes into regard the smorgasbord of delectable mind altering pharmaceuticals which the average Dr has virtually unrestricted access to and the situation is exacerbated by the free access which both Dr’s and pilots have to alcohol!

I think your organisation should move to have alcohol and all scheduled medicine made illegal as we clearly live in a society where adults can not be trusted to act in a responsible manner and even those whose occupations require them to be particularly obliged, according to you, are not trustworthy.

Ordinarily I would not bother to point out that I am being sarcastic but, taking into account the seriously flawed logic and condescending nature of your public statement, I will err on the side of caution. Yes I am being sarcastic.

The fact that some one can undergo 12 years of schooling, and a further 7 years of university education and still propagate this kind of illogical drivel points to a serious flaw in the educational system.  There is of course also the possibility that we are witnessing the Freudian Ego Defence Mechanism of Projection in action. You are after all a Dr with access to a variety of scheduled medication and by your own admission, Dr’s are prone to indulging…….

Please answer this question Dr van Eeden; What is stopping surgeons and pilots from performing their duties under the influence of alcohol or any of the other psychoactive substances which are freely available and how would they react any different if Cannabis is re-legalised?

As for your proposal to isolate and synthesise the cannabinoids, I am appalled that some one who professes to be enough of an expert to attend this round table and be interviewed for television on the subject, clearly has insufficient knowledge to do so. If you had even a rudimentary understanding of the endocannabinoid system and cannabinoids you would know that synthetic  cannabinoids are not only ineffective, but downright dangerous and even deadly.
Last February, the CDC issued an alert warning about kidney damage associated with the use of synthetic THC. It has also been linked to psychosis and brain damage. Synthetic THC might seem like a good idea to some one as invested in the (legal) drug trade as yourself but it is a bad idea if human health is your concern.

I suggest that in future you refrain from participating in the Cannabis debate as you clearly have no understanding of the complexities involved. Alternatively, start educating yourself as to the many benefits to both human and planetary health which this plant offers. I will be more than happy to assist you with this process if you so wish.

Without ill will or vexation but with a smattering of frivolity

Lawrence Qholloi

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Judge’s fancy footwork leaves me in legal limbo

20150202_124933Another special visitation today, this time to the High Court in Pietermaritzburg to obtain an order to stay prosecution in the Magistrates court. Now the magistrates court has dropped charges against me but I wanted to get the order as well as it strengthens the overall case against prohibition but the presiding judge had other ideas.

His surprise at seeing me respond when my name got called was quite evident and it was clear that they didn’t expect me to show up and then to strike my case from the roll as he stood the case down to the end of the roll and I had to wait through the usual bankster vs people cases before being called again.

From the outset it was clear that he wasn’t going to grant the order and every trick in the book was employed to substantiate it. First he alleged that all the precedents were granted in other districts, this was easily rebutted as an order to stay was granted in Grant Rosewarne’s case by the KZN high court last November.

Next move was to request copies of all the documents with respondent stamps to prove that all respondents were served. These were duly supplied and my insistence that the order should be granted based on precedent and equal rights left him no option but to reveal his true intentions by stating that he is not obliged to grant the order but that he won’t deny it either, effectively leaving me with no recourse as I won’t be able to appeal since there has not been a judgement.

It is clear that, despite ample precedent being present, the judge did not want to make a ruling without consulting with the Director of Public Prosecutions and used the legal foxtrot to bar me from getting closure in my process as part of my right to a fair defence.

Pete and the twins supporting people power!

Pete and the twins supporting people power!

On the upside, it was a colourful crew who showed up in support which made for a welcomechange from the black and white checkerboard dress code which the acolytes of the cult of law adhere to. Thanks for being there guys & girls and a special thanks to the twins who must have been the first and only children ever to spread some gorgeous sunshine in those dark caverns.
If anybody out there still suffers under the misconception that the justice system is impartial and serves the people, this flagrant disregard for process and precedent in order to preserve an unlawful status quo should be enough to sway you.

Onward and upward. Overgrow the system!

Victory! Prosecution withdrew all charges.

I made a specialawl visitation to Howick Magistrates court today expecting yet another postponement but was informed instead by a sultry looking Magistrate that all charges against me were withdrawn by the prosecution. Whoop Whoop.

I noticed the investigating officer leaving the building as I arrived but she wouldn’t even look my way. I guess it sucks to hear your work was all for nothing. Shame. Poor polisievrou Amanda Hokkiestok Koekemoer now is facing a 14 million GBP lien without even the satisfaction of knowing she got to lock me up for growing “die duiwel se plante” (devils’ plants).
Madamme prosecutor Chetty didn’t look too happy but such it is the nature of the hierarchy which she serves that orders from her superior (The National Director of Public Prosecutions) has to be obeyed.  I am busy working on your lien ms Chetty, expect service next week.

Withdrawing charges is a lame attempt by the state to stop me from getting a stay ordered by the high court as it will add to the precedents already set and strengthen the cases of victims of persecution under prohibition law who come after me, therefore I will still go to High Court on Monday and request the judge to grant the order.

The game is up boys and girls. Grow, make muthi, smoke our sacred plant. The minions of evil are losing. The cracks in the dam are growing wider every day and it won’t be long now before the system is washed away in a deluge of green.

One Love


freedom_weedLet it be said from the outset that government is tyranny. Our sovereignty has been usurped by an institution with a monopoly on violence, our freedoms dished back out to us piecemeal as benefit privileges masquerading as rights in glitzy packaging of official looking government gazetted acts and statutes. To petition government is to acknowledge the authority of the usurper, to consent to unlawfully enforced authority and to be complicit in your own enslavement.

Notwithstanding the above, I have stated before that I value and respect ALL efforts to defeat prohibition and as such I read with great interest Advocate Robin Stransham-Ford’s memo to the the president on behalf of the Cannabis Constituency. I do not consider myself to be a part of any constituency and as such am not offended by this unilateral declaration of representation as some might be.

I agree with many of the points made regarding the positive socio economic
impact of ending prohibition. My own point of view is that Cannabis holds the potential to catalyse a peaceful social revolution. The industrial capitalist hierarchy depends on the continued subjugation and impoverishment of the working class to fuel it’s growth with cheap labour. In the absence of prohibition, the poor can literally grow wealth in their backyards and will for the first time since the imposition of the feudal system truly be able to choose how to apply energy. very few will choose to continue selling their labour to the slave system in exchange for crumbs, thus driving up labour prices which will cut into profits and render many exploitative and destructive enterprises non-viable.

I feel that the memo fails to sufficiently address the issue of religious and adult use by not pushing for inclusion in the MIB but delegating it instead to the domain of the judiciary for decision making and merely imploring the government to abide by the court’s decisions. I fully overstand that the courts are Adv Stransham-Ford’s battlefield of choice though and perhaps it is better to fight this particular battle on known terrain.

The issue of non psychotropic production is a contentious one at best and a complete fallacy at cbdworst. There is no such thing as a CBD only strain. The highest CBD to THC content in any strain commercially available is 1:1 which means that you can not cultivate a non-psychotropic crop and still harvest CBD. If you want CBD, make peace with THC being present in the plant.

In my opinion, attempting to isolate components within cannabis is a waste of time and energy conducive to endless red tape which only benefits the bureaucracy whilst depriving the people of their inalienable right to individual sovereignty as is evident in the endless debates, draft bills, counter bills, proposals and politicking we are seeing at the moment.

I call again for a green revolution driven by massive civil disobedience. Just grow it. Spread the genetics and the knowledge to make oil. Permeate the population with dagga medicine originating from the people, not corporations. Reclaim our heritage, grow wealth, gain liberty, build community, heal bodies, empower people.  We don’t need to ask government to allow us to do this. They never had the right to prevent us in the first place. Prohibition is but one of many crimes perpetrated against the people on behalf of the oligarchy by the sycophants and prostitutes in government. Why do we beg like dogs for scraps at the table of the usurpers who violently withhold our birthright from us? Just take it back.

Victory! The state will not oppose my motion to stay prosecution.

On Friday 16 January I received Notice from the State attorney that they will not oppose my motion to stay prosecution which was filed in the High Court in Pietermaritzburg.

Given the number of precedents in similar cases countrywide, as well as the state’s intention to abide, the ordering of the stay by the high court is now a mere formality.

Important to note that this entire process was conducted without a lawyer and cost me less than R2000, including travel costs and document printing and serving fees. This same process is available to anyone being persecuted under prohibition law in South Africa.

See the pdf of the notice here:  notice_to_abide

Two Plants. One causes psychosis, the other cures cancer. Guess which one is legal.

Cannabis Sativa and Datura Stramonium

Cannabis Sativa and Datura Stramonium growing side by side in the wild. KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

One of the most often heard arguments in favour of prohibition is that it might induce schizophrenia in people who are genetically predisposed to this condition. The prohibitionist will off course conveniently ignore the fact that alcohol holds the same potential and yet remains completely legal.

Today, during a visit to a self seeding field of cannabis in rural KZN, I came across yet another example of the absurdity of using this particular argument in justification of prohibition. Datura Stramonium is colloquially known here in South Africa as “malpitte” (seeds of madness) and for good reason. Datura Psychosis is a well documented phenomenon, often leading to lasting psychological disorders. Very few psychonauts dare to venture into this territory. In the words of one explorer describing his experience:

The hallucinogenic effect of (malpitte) is unquestionable, and you can’t get more mind-altering than this. Not even a thousand microgram LSD trip made me lose my head like malpitte. But the side effects made this the most profoundly horrible experience of my life. Cheap LSD substitute this is NOT !!! You need this stuff like you need a brick in the face.”

Datura is prolific and grows almost everywhere in this country, is known to cause psychosis as well as immense physical harm to the human body and yet no one has even thought about making it illegal. Surely if the powers that be had our best interest at heart they would protect us from this demon plant as they profess to do by prohibiting Dagga? But then again, Datura poses no threat to the corporate establishment’s bottom line does it? Hypocrisy anyone?

US drug policy expert recommends legalisation of dagga in South Africa

Nicotine is probably the most addictive recreational drug around. Just ask anyone who has ever tried to quit. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), tobacco is the single greatest cause of preventable death globally. The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention describes tobacco as “the single most important preventable risk to human health and the most important cause of premature death worldwide”.

Yet, tobacco is legal.

Alcohol is not only unhealthy and addictive; it’s also tearing at the fabric of our society. According to the Automobile Association of South Africa (AA), the majority of all fatal accidents are caused by drunk drivers, while the bulk of pedestrians and people who die in motor vehicle accidents were under the influence of alcohol. A South African multi-centre study demonstrated that 78.9 percent of all patients at trauma units with violent injuries tested positive for alcohol. Of all homicides, more than 50 percent were alcohol-related. In South Africa, as elsewhere, when people get drunk, death and destruction all too often reigns.

Yet, alcohol is legal.

The glaring absurdity of a ban on marijuana while the more harmful alcohol and tobacco are tolerated, as well as a host of other very strong policy arguments, has led many to clamour for legalisation.

“The benefits of legalisaton exceed the disadvantages”