Statement of Truth regarding JP Ras Levi Victor

While “Bad Rasta”  JP Ras Levi Victor is infamous in the Cannabis community for his abusive rants and as such has virtually no credibility left, his antics have recently spread beyond the Cannabis community and his delinquent behaviour is now affecting the lives of good people whom I hold dear. In light of the above, I submit this statement of truth to stand as a public record of events.

JP approached me on Facebook in July 2016 expressing extreme dismay with his current business partners and virtually begged me to come and work with me. He presented himself as an experienced and skilled horticulturalist with much of his own equipment. I had recently initiated a project in rural KZN which required a person with the skills he purported to have and we came to an arrangement. I relocated JP along with his 9 dogs and possessions at my own cost to the site where he enjoyed the full protection of the local chief along with free housing and electricity in September 2016 and the project commenced.

Initially all went well though I did notice  bipolar behaviour on his part. He was prone to extreme temper outbursts during which he would hurl abuse at all present as well as his dogs but when one of the dogs ate rat poison which he had left lying around, he cried like a baby. I was aware of his history of hard drug abuse and one of the preconditions  of our arrangement was that he would undergo a medicine plant assisted cleanse at Iboga Solar Fire. This cleansed was to be paid out of the first turnover of our new venture.

The project was funded in part by myself and in part by another friend who decided to leave after a particularly abusive outburst by JP only a few weeks into the project. This person is still owed his initial investment. I continued funding the project from my pocket. This constituted driving a 600km round trip every week  to deliver food for JP as well as his 9 dogs, several emergency trips to haul water, deal with issues which arose with the local community and once to fetch the dog he had poisoned and get it to a vet, all of which I paid for.  This running expense extended from October 2016 until our first turnover in March 2017.

During this time it transpired that JP had misrepresented his skill level and was not able to function in the role for which he was brought on board for. He told me that he could propagate plants but this turned out to be untrue. He did however step into other roles and I was OK with that as I managed to arrange for propagation elsewhere.

I contacted Rhoda Mercuria and she very kindly and against policy arranged that JP could go on his cleanse with only a 50% deposit being put down and an agreement to pay off the balance. A date was set, travel costs paid for and arrangements were made.

The day prior to his departure, I received a message from him stating that he was not going to attend the cleanse, citing several feeble reasons, among others that he didn’t want me to be saddled with the responsibility of caring for his dogs – something which I did not mind at all.  Much to my embarrassment I was forced to inform Rhoda that JP would not be attending the cleanse after all. I realised  that she had turned other people away for those dates and had already purchased the medicines needed for his cleanse and as such did not even think to discuss the deposit as it was forfeit in my mind. Furthermore, I still owed Rhoda money from a prior arrangement and I was happy for this to go towards that debt and the books to be balanced with JP by offsetting my costs incurred to date – non of which I had claimed back yet.

During the following months JP’s temper and extreme bipolar states became unbearable to the point that I decided to leave the project after the next milestone which was a couple of months away. I could no longer bear to be in his presence and suspected that he was using hard drugs again. I did what I thought was the kind thing and told him that I was dismayed with the community and wanted to leave. We agreed on an exit strategy whereby he would stay on site and finish up to a milestone point while I would continue supporting the project financially. We agreed that he would receive a larger percentage of the next turnover for work rendered on his own.

The following week I started receiving abusive messages from JP accusing me of not pulling my weight and accusing me of stealing money from the project. I spent hours going through the accounts with him but he is incapable of logical and constructive discourse. Eventually, out of sheer desperation I told him that he can have everything. I would not claim any of my input costs or running costs incurred and I didn’t want my share of the turnover. The only condition was that he honor the debts incurred to the initial investor and the contracted propagator as well as a debt to a mutual friend whose money was also used in the project. JP was left with more than a million Rand’s worth of material and crops while I walked away with nothing other than an extreme sense of gratitude to be rid of his psychotic presence in my life.

It seems that his misrepresentation of his skills was even more profound as he seems to have ruined the crop and is now desperate for money.

He contacted Rhoda and myself and claimed that the deposit for the cleanse should be returned in full to him. I replied that our accounts are balanced and closed and that the deposit was forfeit as far as I was concerned but that it was ultimately Rhoda’s decision. Rhoda contacted me and said she wants to return the deposit but I told her that I am not OK with it as JP got the entire business, including my investments and that I want the deposit to go towards her as payment for previous cleanses. My losses in the project outweighed the deposit a hundredfold and as a matter of principle I was not going to let him get that as well as I felt it was more deserved and needed for the great work done by the ISF crew.

Unbeknownst to me JP kept on sending extremely abusive messages to Rhoda and seems to have embarked on a smear campaign against Rhoda and ISF in general. This has now come to my attention and prompted me to make this statement. Rhoda Mercuria owes JP Ras Levi Victor no money. The deposit which he is hounding her for was 50% mine to start off with and the 50% to which he might have been entitled has been offset a thousandfold by my losses.

This man is a soul in serious pain. His abuse of, among other things, crystal meth has caused extreme psychosis.  He is capable of  violence, proud of the fact and often threatens to do violence agains those he perceives as having wronged him and they are many…. I was foolish to think that I could help him and regret ever introducing him to the impeccable humans at Iboga Solar Fire.

I will be happy to speak directly to anyone wanting further information and can be contacted directly on qholloi at gmail dot com.


Respect Existence Or Expect Resistance – An open letter to Philip Steyn, COO of Rhino Oil and Gas

Emailed to Rhino Oil and Gas – 27 January 2016

Dear Phillip.

This letter is in reference to your recent application for an exploratory permit in the KZN Midlands. While you go to great lengths to assure the public that you merely wish to explore and will not be conducting any hydraulic fracturing per se, the rhino in the living room (pun intended) remains that, should your exploration prove fruitful, extraction will invariably follow.

The school of thought which sees nature as a pool of resources to be turned into commodities which in turn becomes profit for the few at the expense of the many is a dangerous and outdated one which has no place in an enlightened modern society. A society which is waking up to the inescapable reality of our intricate entanglement with, and absolute reliance on the well being of our natural environment can not tolerate any further violent assault on the ecosystems which sustains it.

No amount of public relations or green washing can detract from the well known fact that fossil fuel extraction is a dirty and detrimental affair which destroys the ecosystems on which humanity depends for health, well being and indeed life itself. A century of extraction has left us with enough documented evidence of the catastrophic effects of fossil fuel extraction. Exploration is the first step towards extraction and extraction equates to a violent assault on the environment and the people who depend on it.

No matter how you try and spin it, there is simply no way to rationalise profiteering from death and destruction. What you are proposing, and in a bizarre and perverted twist are asking the sanction of your victims for through your ‘public participation’ meetings, is to the continuation of the trajectory towards total ecosystem collapse on which we as a species find ourselves at this critical juncture.

In the age of information, ignorance is a choice. It therefore follows that anyone who chooses to participate in and profit from the destructive business of fossil fuel extraction is either being wilfully ignorant or is fully aware of the harm and suffering to which he is a party but incapable of feeling empathy or remorse. The dictionary describes such an individual as a psychopath.

Should you choose to forge ahead, your actions will be perceived as a threat to the health, life and well being of the inhabitants of the Midlands by those who are not fooled by the public relations or the bureaucratic jargon and condescending platitudes of your ‘environmental consultants’. Don’t be surprised if your threat is met with resistance in all it’s forms including the use of force as a means of self defence.

Metaphorically speaking, you are about to enter people’s homes with the intent to do harm. The right to life is enshrined in the South African constitution as well as in the UN Charter of Human Rights. By extension, this implies the right to defend one’s life and well being. This letter then serves to inform you that there are numerous individuals who recognise the threat which you pose and, should you proceed in this threatening manner, claim the right to self defence.

Without Prejudice, ill will or vexation

Lawrence Qholloi

Next level remedy; UZA confirmed as SA chapter of the ITNJ

This is a landmark moment in the struggle against the usurpers. Through UZA we will now have local recourse and remedy to the persecution and injustice we suffer at the hands of the criminal cartels comprised of corporate government, corporations and banks. A massive and heartfelt THANKS to BT, Jan and others who work diligently behind the scenes.

How To Send A Complaint To The International Tribunal for Natural Justice

Agents of the corporation who violently enforce prohibition do so smug in the knowledge that they may act with impunity. Even if a victim manages to win a civil action against the state, the individual agents are not held accountable and any damages are paid by the state (corporation).

I have been blogging the lien process here as an attempt to make individual agents accountable for their unlawful actions but the game has just been upped a level. The International Tribunal for Natural Justice is set to hear it’s first case this year. Anybody who has suffered at the hands of corporate agents can now open a case with the ITNJ.

via How To Send A Complaint To The International Tribunal for Natural Justice.

Ellington! remove that man from the estate” – Using prohibition to keep the colonial dream alive.

garlingtonHilton, KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. The name conjures up images of (mainly white) privilege. Private schools attended by trust fund brats in cheese cutter hats, shorts, blazers and ties who are studiously making their way into the old boys club. Green rolling hills shrouded in mist and covered by exclusive golf courses where old boys negotiate deals over G&T after shooting nine holes while their wives detox from all the botox in upmarket spas. And horses….. yes where wealth flows, horses seem to follow. When all is said and done, this is the story of a young man who was enamoured by horses, who loved horses so much that he made it his career.


Nguni cattle. the perfect finishing accessory for pretentious gentleman’s estate living.

Martin Mhlongo hails from Lions river, a farming area in the Midlands. The farm on which he was born and raised and lived until the new landowner evicted his family is located right next to the polo club. Thoroughbreds were bred on the farm and riding was a way of life. Martin became a professional Jockey and made quite a name for himself with his “Mhlongo Magic” on the national racing circuit and was all set to go places but alas, Martin enjoyed a smoke. Like hundreds of millions of people all over the globe, Martin used Cannabis recreationally with no ill effects and when a random blood test was performed on him, the powers that reside over these matters, while sipping champagne and Harvy Wallbangers in the club house, decreed that his jockey license was to be forfeit as punishment for the heinous crime of ingesting a plant.

Martin made his way back home to Lions River, found work as a supervisor in a small factory to help support his elderly mom and young daughter and settled in to a life of drudgery which he accepted uncomplainingly despite the view of the polo fields from his place of work being a constant reminder of his true passion.
Through the grapevine he became aware that an upmarket housing estate in nearby Hilton was looking for experienced horsemen and grooms, he jumped at the opportunity to work with horses again and applied for the position even though the wage was less than what he was earning at the factory.

Garlington Estate. Where the gate house is more lavish than the staff accommodation.

Martin’s credentials and experience secured him the position of stable supervisor. He resigned from the factory, donned his riding boots and set of for the gleaming gates of Garlington Estate where colourful Nguni cattle graze the green meadows in front of pearly white mansions. His elation was short lived however. One would assume that an estate packed with multi million Rand houses and a monthly levy which is more than the average South African’s salary would adequately accommodate the workforce which is being exploited to support the occupants’ elaborate life style. One would assume so but one would be terribly wrong.  In the good old colonial tradition, the dingy slaves quarters were tucked away out of sight of the bosses and madams view along a dusty dirt road which turned to soap in the rain. One could argue that the nature of the work required Martin to be near the horses and it would be a valid point but how would you justify the lack of a bed?  Martin was expected to sleep on the floor on a spunge mattress. His work hours were nothing short of draconian and he wasn’t allowed to receive visitors without applying for permission from the estate manager.

He was expected to sign an employment contract which lacked a job description, required him to do whatever the estate manager told him to do and required him to be on ‘standby’ after hours but he wasn’t allowed to leave the premises during ‘standby’. By signing the contract he would give up his constitutional right to privacy as he would concede the right for his person and living quarters to be searched at any time.  Martin asked for time to have the contract assessed by a legal advisor but was forced to sign it by Brad Mack, the estate manager.

In desperation Martin contacted me as a friend and confidante and asked for advice. I read his employment contract, identified issues and agreed to assist him to have it resolved.  I contacted Brad Mack and queried aspects of Martin’s contract. His response was highly unfavourable and his reaction even more so. Brad stormed into Martin’s room unannounced and without knocking, shouting and demanding to know who I was and why Martin had let me see his contract.  Martin wasn’t in the room at the time but was in fact sitting outside behind the room under the window. Brad left the room, and approached Martin, trying to grab a hold of him but he jumped out of the way. Brad then noticed a piece of paper on the ground near where Martin was sitting and grabbed it. Folded in the paper was ……… dagga!!

Here was Brad’s chance to get rid of the ‘troublemaker’. Violating procedures described by the Labour Relations Act, Brad suspended him immediately and had him thrown off the property. No investigation, no notice of suspension, reason for suspension, notice of disciplinary hearing date or any of the legal requirements for suspension. Just a good old colonial cultural supremacist authoritarian chucking out.

The story would have ended there in good old colonial fashion too. Just another insolent black dagga smoker dealt with by the white boss but I contacted Brad on Martin’s behalf. Only then was a notice of suspension and hearing date furnished post haste. Martin was denied his right to representation at the kangaroo trial where the trumped up charges were heard by Jean Allen from Allen HR Consulting who acted as presiding officer in her capacity of outsourced HR person for Garlington. Her bias in favour of her client  was apparent from the outset. She curtly dismissed Martin’s motion to dismiss and supporting affidavit and when he refused to plead, stating that there is no evidence against him, madam Jean called him “cheeky” and concluded that he should be dismissed.

Interestingly, madam Jean has written an article on how to deal with “Dagga in the workplace” in which she states: “You should be aware that an employee who suffers from an alcohol and/or drug problem might also be suffering from a health problem and should consider offering counseling (sic), treatment or rehabilitation as an alternative before or in addition to disciplinary action.”      I guess that sentiment doesn’t extend to cheeky black boys………

Jean Allen decreed Martin to be “cheeky” while presiding over his kangaroo trial. (Picture: Allen HR Consulting)



I was sitting outside the glass doors of the hearing room watching and monitoring at the time when boss Brad suddenly jumped up, came into the lobby where I was sitting and aggressively demanded that I hand over my phone and laptop. He got a piece of my mind……….
Next thing I knew I was being escorted off the estate by Ellington.

Readers of this blog know very well how lives are destroyed by unlawful arrests under prohibition laws but how many countless more lives are impacted every day in the workplace where archaic remnants of the colonial era justify their violation of human rights and petty harassment with prohibition? Nobody bats an eyelid when an employee drinks a beer after hours and many companies ply their staff with alcohol at ‘team building’ events yet a small quantity of Cannabis found near where a man was sitting off duty in his private living space is enough to have him suspended and dismissed. Hypocrisy anyone?

Where to from here? The CCMA papers are filed, commercial liens are being bought against Brad and Janet…. oops… Jean… and social media will be leveraged to expose the rocky Hilton horror show for what it is.

Aluta Continua.


Profiting from disease – the owners of Efekto, the SA Monsanto distribution agency, are buying up natural health brands.

It has recently been brought to my attention that Ascendis Health, a JSE listed company, has been spending billions acquiring various companies which manufacture natural health products. They started their 7 figure acquisition orgy in 2012 with the acquisition of Nimue and SSN for R120 Million and over the next few years acquired Solal, Marltons, Pharma Natura and Arctic Healthcare among others for well over a Billion Rand. It is rumoured that there are other natural health product companies which Ascendis is currently in discussions with, with a view of acquiring.

Dr Wellner, CEO of both Efekto and Ascendis health, makes no mention of his affiliation with Efekto in his Linkedin profile

SAPS “Dagga Ops” helicopter used to conduct ecocide in the Eastern cape using Kilomax Glyphosate distributed by Efekto, sister company to Ascendis Health.

On the surface this might not seem worth the mention. After all, they do call themselves Ascendis Health and what can be more natural than for a company entering the healthcare market to be buying up healthcare brands? Isn’t that what the capitalist corporate acquisition game is all about? Trying to accumulate as many smaller companies as possible in order to establish a monopoly in a given market sector? Sadly this is seen as normal and accepted behaviour in our society and not many eyebrows are raised when this information is encountered but if we delve a little deeper, an altogether more sinister picture unfolds.

Dr. Karsten Uwe Harald Horst Wellner, PhD has been the executive director of Ascendis Health Limited since July 2011. From 1989 to 2001, Dr. Wellner served at Fresenius AG. From 2001 to 2008, he served as Managing Director of Fresenius Kabi, Executive Vice President of Africa and Middle East. Seems like a perfect candidate for the Ascendis CEO job but it seems that, according to Bloomberg, Dr Wellner also serves as CEO for Effekto care Ltd.1

Effekto are the licenced South African agents for Monsanto’s Roundup and Kilo Max glyphosate based herbicides. Glyphosates have been linked to birth defects and the World Health Organisation recently announced that it probably causes cancer in humans.2 It is the chemical used by the SAPS to spray dagga and food crops in the Eastern Cape. Enough has been written elsewhere about the incredible detrimental impact of this poison on the environment and on the people who are unwittingly and unwillingly exposed to it in the South African government’s chemical warfare campaign against the poorest of the poor in our country for me not to have to comment further here. 3

Vitaforce, one of the many brands trusted by South Africans and owned by Monsanto’s South African distributors along with other household brands such as Bettaway and Solal.

Monsanto Roundup and KiloMax are distributed by the same corporates who are buying up trusted natural health brands

The link between Efekto and Ascendis is far more substantial than just a communal CEO though, substantial as that is. Both Ascendis and Efekto are owned outright by the same holding company namely Coast-2-Coast Holdings Ltd. If you ever have the misfortune of visiting their rather sterile-feeling HQ in Bryantson, you will find a mock health store as you walk into the foyer, sporting all the products they market. Peppered among health products on the the shelves are rows of Ruoundup and Kilomax. It seems almost biopolar for a company to be selling ‘health’ products from one hand, and demonstrably ‘harmful toxins ‘from the other.

Founders Cris Dillon and Gary Shayne cemented their partnership at a Warren Buffet conference and are such ardent admirers of the controversial capitalist that their web site contains a quote from him on the front page. These people are proponents of the corporate philosophy which places profits above all else regardless of human or planetary cost.

The question that begs asking here is; How does the average consumer of natural health products feel about inadvertently supporting ecocide in the Eastern Cape?

When seen against the backdrop of the SA government’s recent policy changes which saw many nutritional supplements being reclassified as medicine thus effectively forcing many small companies which were supplying affordable natural health care out of business due to the exorbitant medicine registration costs, it becomes apparent that your natural health spend additionally supports the demise of small natural health companies as it has now become the exclusive domain of large corporates such as Ascendis. Their empire is highly geared, having gambled on the hopes that the new regulatory regime for natural health products will eradicate small and medium companies who can’t comply with the regulatory requirements to register.

This twist in the tale of the corporate onslaught on human health highlights the ‘controlled opposition’ strategy used by the corporatocracy. On the one hand they poison people and the environment, causing disease while simultaneously establishing monopolies on healthcare. According to one source; “Ascendis–owned companies have already begun reformulating many of their products without informing the public. In many cases, nutrient contents have been lowered and herbs replaced. Whether these products will remain effective, which made them household staples in the first place, remains to be seen.” Readers of this blog are familiar with the healing properties of cannabis and should take note that the same companies who supply the poison to kill the plants which cures the cancers caused by the poison used to kill the plants are sneakily manoeuvring to profit from their atrocities.